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lalalaa..... lana rae <3

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New pictures of Luna!!

I found some new pictures of Luna!!! :D You like? I LOVE THEM! XD

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fanfiction <3

The sun shone brightly through the small bedroom window. The purple curtains with silver beads threaded through the bottom were open and the blue sky was painted with fluffy white clouds. Luna Lovegood was a 14 year old girl who lived in this house. She lived with her dad and her pet cat named moony. She was an odd girl, described as strange and weird by people who knew her, and although people knew her, she did not have any friends. This was something Luna did not care for, friends, because she didn't need them. She had her Moony and her dad. That was all she needed. Luna had white-blonde waist lengh straggly hair with a permanently surprised look. She lived in her house shaped like a rook around the village of Ottery st. catchpole. Luna believed in magical creatures like Nargles and Crumple horned snorkacks, and even though a lot of people would say this was strange and stupid, she didn't stop believing.
"Luna!" Called Xenophillius Lovegood.
"Coming daddy!" luna called back.
She stood up, walked down the lime green stairs, past all the fairy lights on the red banester and walked into the bright pink kitchen. Luna's dad was standing there cooking breakfast(egg and bacon) wearing, what luna thought was, an amazing outfit.