Friday, April 30, 2010

Lovegood house!!

thanks to Liv, for posting it on her blog first :] its super cool!!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

drawing loony!

hello! today i drew a copy of this picture:

i did NOT draw that one! that's from some amazing artist on deviantart :) i will colour mine in and then scan it for all to see <33
soo... ummm.. yeah (: i am pretty bored :/
i wish liv and wrackspurt off polyvore where my friends in real life! i can really relate to them... i ♥ polyvore! :) xoxo

Thursday, April 15, 2010

evanna lynch ♥

i found this picture of evanna and her friend today! isn't it cute?! she looks amazing, as usual :)
So, i have great news!! i was on ebay last night and i found this amazing harry potter and the order of the phoenix messenger bag! it was £5 all together which is an absolute bargain so i bid on it and i won it!! ♥ i can't wait till it arrives!! i'm going to wear it to school and put my issue of the quibbler in it and just show my harry potter pride! i'll be the only one in my whole school with a harry potter bag!!! yay! :)
this is what it looks like...

isn't it amazing??!!! i've never seen this bag before in my life ♥

Sunday, April 11, 2010

maii desk ♥

This is my desk ♥
It has on it:
~luna lovegood shoes
~fairy spotters book
~my owl ♥
~nargle-repelling charm
~deathly hallows
~copy of The Quibbler
~a pen and pencil (i need to get some of those giant quill pens that are all bright and colourful.. :)
~a Dumbledore bookmark my mummy made ♥

lalalalalaaaa. magical, no? :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Alice in wonderlandness ♥

Hello my little nargles, how are you?
today, i went shopping with my friend and i bought a blue Alice in wonderland bag and a white Alice in wonderland tee shirt.(Disney cartoon one)
and then afterwards i went back to hers and made a little Gerard way doll :3
he has red crosses for eyes and a little heart and I'm going to make some skeleton pyjamas for him too ♥

:) xoxo ♥

A message from Luna Lovegood...

A message from me, Luna Lovegood... (:

How is everyone? I hope you're all having a wonderful Easter! Me and daddy are just having a splendid time. apart from, we have one little problem, and i feel i must share it with you...
i think out kitchen is over-run with shrackle dingers! Because, it seems every time we walk into our kitchen, we both feel little nibbles at our ankles. now this is fine if we are wearing socks, but in the mornings i usually have bare feet. much more comfortable, you see. especially if i have just woken up. i mean, at Hogwarts i wear shoes to bed, just in case i sleepwalk, you see. but at home there's no need to. so, me and daddy find ourselves searching and searching for the shrackle dingers! luckily, daddy found a way of seeing them more clearly. he wrote it in the latest copy of The Quibbler. All you need to do is find a button with four holes in it, paint the front of it with silver sparkly nail polish and look through it(once its dry, of course.) then, its so much easier to see them! we are trying all types of different foods to lure them in so we can catch them and put them back where they belong, In the little holes just by the trees in the forest. so, for now, at least, we find ourselves putting on long stripey socks to protect ourselves from the mischievous Shrackle Dingers that lurk in out kitchen!
Have a wonderful Easter!
Love Luna ♥

Nargle hunting?

Haiii :) Now, i don't know if anyone else has the same problem as me, but nargles often steal my things, so to catch them would be brilliant! This is what the look like and how to catch them:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
and this is a cute drawing i found of luna and her daddy hunting for nargles!! :)
Colin and Luna Nargle Hunting Pictures, Images and Photos

So, feel free to send me your pictures of you hunting for nargles!!
oh and if you find any other foods they like please message me (:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello :)

Okay, so i'm going to delete my other blog 'dreamy luna' because as liv kindly pointed out, they're both pretty much the same. and i hate having two anyways. :) so... i wont post anymore on my other blog and i'll delete the whole thing tomorrow(just wanna make sure people have read the goodbye post before i delete it. (:

Anyways... i have a picture of me to show you :D
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I actually really like this picture<3
Hurray for Spectrespecs!!! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to make your very own copy of The Quibbler!

Want to be just like luna?
want to walk around dreamily, reading The Quibbler?!
Well now you can!! :)

How to make your own copy of The Quibbler:

You will need:
- Access to a colour printer
- Cellotape
- Scissors

Step 1:
Print out the front cover of your quibbler. Now, in the films we've only ever seen two issues of the quibbler, so if you wanted to have the one from OotP then you can use this one:
If you wanted the one i've used from The half blood prince then you can use this one:
Or if you didn't want to use either of these, or already have done, then you can just google The Quibbler and you can find lots of other ones people have made, like this one:

Step 2:
Now that you've got your front and back cover, you need to fill it with pages! If you want to make it like a proper book and have lots of pages then i suggest you do this:
-Get an old school book or just a book filled with lined paper(make sure its not too small and make sure the front and back is easy to pull off) make sure the book is holding the paper together with staples! :)
-Pull off the front and back cover and take the paper. put the front cover of the quibbler up against the paper and see where it needs to be cut(unless its the right size) cute the paper so its the same size as the quibbler.
-Take the first page of the paper and the front cover of the quibbler and cellotape them together. Do the same with the last page of the paper and the back of the quibbler. now all your paper will stay in the quibbler!!

Step 3:
Now, you need to put quibbler-related things in your quibbler book :D
Go on to here:
and pick which quibbler pages you want ^_^
You can print them out and then cellptape them onto the pages of your quibbler!!

Now you have the real thing... The Quibbler! :)