Monday, April 4, 2011

Evanna Lynch joins Twitter and talks Harry Potter!

The real Evanna Lynch has joined Twitter! Hooray! You can follow her here @Evy_Lynch!
I'm really glad, because there's been so many fakes, which really is very sad.

Also, Evanna Lynch spoke to class of about 30 students, aged between eight and 12, who have been studying the Harry Potter books as part of a course in Dublin City University organized by the Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland – of which Evanna herself has been a part.

Had she been a few years younger, Lynch would probably have been sitting in the same class. She is also a former protege of the centre.

“I don’t think she is weird, she is completely herself. She is okay with being eccentric and a little different,” she said of the character who made her name.

Lynch wrote to the casting agent and to author JK Rowling before landing the part in 2006. With 15,000 other hopefuls in the frame, she got the role because the producer believed she personified what Luna Lovegood was about.

Lynch is just 19 but she told the class she could remember a time when the Harry Potter books were not the big deal they are now. The students would have no conception of a time before Harry Potter.

There was no shortage of questions for the actor, who will sit her Leaving Certificate and intends to emigrate to London during the summer to pursue an acting career.


Lynch also provided some insights into the cast and characters of the film franchise that fans will find interesting.

She met author JK Rowling about five times and had written to her before getting the part. “She’s so warm. I’m going to write to her and tell her about this course. She would be really chuffed about it.”

Actor Daniel Radcliffe, who plays the title role, is unspoilt by his fame and never complains, although he has not had a normal life since he was 11. “He really appreciates that he has been given so much. You could have had an actor who said he was sick of being typecast.”

She does not know what Alan Rickman, who plays the sarcastic teacher Professor Snape, is really like because he is a method actor who is never out of character. “I hear he is a nice guy.”

Info Taken from LunaFans.

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