Monday, May 30, 2011

Full Description: New TV Spot of 'Deathly Hallows 2'

A 90-second TV spot was aired in the US and it has new footages. Here is the description:

The TV spot starts out just like the teaser trailer. We hear 'Hedwig’s Theme as we see some shots of Snape, and the Prince’s Tale.

We see the WB logo, same as the others.

Voldemort: Harry Potter...

Snape steps up to his podium in front of his students. We hear some of Snape’s speech as we see some shots of Harry at Dobby’s grave.

Snape: Harry Potter has upset these castle grounds for the last time…

A shot of a wet Harry.

Snape: Tonight, he has breached our walls.

A shot of Harry entering the Room of Requirement. Voldemort(neyah) Death Eaters busting out windows of Great Hall and Grand Staircase.

We then hear Kingsly

Kingsley: Tonight, we face a great threat.

Shots of Death Eater’s destroying the forcefield of the castle.

Kingsley: And we are limited on our choices…

Some older shots of the Gringotts cart, and the Gringotts Dragon.

Kingsley: We can fight back.

McGonagall and Snape raise their wands at each other. We see a new shot of more knights moving from their posts, and the old shot of the single knight in front of the great hall.

Kingsley: But none of these choices…

New shot of dragon crashing through pillar.

Kingsley: Is to surrender.

People from Hogsmeade running down the hill, heading towards the incoming crowd of fearless Death Eaters.

Some more long shots of battle sequences, some old, some new.

Then we see the same final duel Prior Incantatem.

Voldemort: Only I can live… forever.

Thanks to Jake for the tip

Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures

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