Wednesday, May 4, 2011

GLEE 2 FINALE: Charice's Sunshine Corazon, Becky Jackson Going to Die?

'FUNERAL' - The Episode 21 of 'Glee (season 2)', one of the two Finale episodes, which will air on May 17, 2011 (US) or May 18, 2011 (Philippines). The episode was filmed in New York for Nationals. It is scheduled to finish filming May 5th, this means that Nationals will be filmed on or before this day.

Read the episode title - 'FUNERAL'. Yes, someone is going to die, a death of a beloved FEMALE character in this episode.. And a week ago, they were shooting on location at a funeral parlour. But who is going to die?

Someone from New Directions? The answers is NO!

Is it David Karofsky, the new love of Kurt? Again it is a NO!

How about Becky Jackson? People from the production were looking for someone to play Donna Jackson (Becky's mother) and a priest. This leads to the possibility of Becky being the female character to die. Remember Becky?

How about Coach Beiste? No! She is not part of the remaining episodes.

Carol? No! She will accompany New Directions to New York City.

Or is it Sunshine Corazon, played by our very own Charice? She will be part of Episodes 21 and 22. Ian Brennan said:
Sunshine will play a big role in the last two episodes

But according to some rumors, Sunshine is going to die, a way to end her charcter! But for me, she is not going to die.

The character of Jesse will be back in this episode and will stay on the show until the season finale and Rachel is the main reason.

But Blaine is not part of the funeral.

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Source: Glee Wiki

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