Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Emma Watson talks context of Ron & Hermione kiss in Deathly Hallows: Part 2

In a new interview to promote the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Emma Watson went beyond discussing how awkward the Ron and Hermione kiss was for her and Rupert Grint, and explained the context of the long-awaited snog between the pair within the story of the final film. She also commented on how disconnected and detached she felt to the Hermione Granger in the first Harry Potter films, despite it being her on-screen. That can be viewed below.

But of course there are those moments where you go, 'oh,' like the kiss.
Emma Watson:
Yeah, exactly. There are a few nice pauses that you get in it because the pace is pretty relentless. From the minute you sit down right until through the end, you barely have any time to catch your breath, but the kiss with Ron and Hermione is just this wonderful break in all the chaos and fear and sadness and all of that going on.

They just have a moment where that's all that really matters; it's the two of them and, you know, they could die at any moment, and I think they both just feel like that in that moment that if they don't tell each other how they feel about one another, then, you know... They have to, it's completely organic, it's completely natural, and they have this kind of like - Rupert and I put in this nice laugh they have because it almost seems ridiculous that it hasn't happened sooner. But when it happens it feels so right that it's almost like, 'why didn't we do this years ago? We are so silly.'

We had the added pressure of - you know, we had like three EPK crews on the day that wanted to get behind-the-scenes coverage, and we had the crew who wanted to come and watch, we knew the media would want to know about it, and we knew the audiences would be like, 'when's the kiss going to happen?' They know it's coming; it's so anticipated. 

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