Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Matthew Lewis attends & presents Sydney Harry Potter: the Exhibition preview

Lauren McGregor: Well, I was ushered into a room where they had the displays of some items that will be at the exhibition, the knight chess piece that Ron rode in Philosopher's Stone, a Death Eater costume, the Bloody Baron's costume looking all red with blood, and Ron and Hermione's dress robes from Bill and Fluer's wedding in Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

The room was semi-set up to look like the Great Hall, with four candle-lit long tables for for press to sit at. The mood was set by the playing the Harry Potter soundtracks. Hedwig's Theme began and 120 children entered the room to sit in front of the stage - they all looked like they hadn't even been born when Philosopher's Stone came out in the cinemas, but all excited in their Gryffindor uniforms.

Richard Wilkins from channel 9's Today Show came on stage, to introduced the Deputy Premier of NSW to the stage, where he talked about the magic of Harry Potter. Then a gentleman from GES came up talked for a bit and had an owl flown to him over our heads with a message. That cued the video of the exhibition then CRASH and smoke filled the stage, the screen disappeared and out from the smoke Matthew Lewis came on stage with the Ford Anglia.

This is where Richard and him discussed the success of Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Matt wore a South Sydney Bunnies Jersey (Rugby league team), answered some of the lucky children's questions. A lot concerning Neville. After that he posed for photos with the children and for the media, then I followed him and his people to go around to the may screaming fangirls who broke the actual barrier so staff of the Powerhouse had to form a human barrier. Matt signed autographs and posed for photos; I managed to get him to sign my book I had brought along.

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