Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tom Felton & Jason Isaacs talk Harry Potter villains, Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Harry Potter on-screen father and son Jason Isaacs and Tom Felton discussed their work and involvement with the Harry Potter series, including their characters' downfalls in Deathly Hallows: Part 2, with USA Today.

Tom chatted about working alongside Ralph Fiennes, the villainous Lord Voldemort, Draco Malfoy's black suit (seen below), and frightening young fans while visiting the Harry Potter Museum on the Warner Bros. studio lot. Jason commented on how difficult it will be for him to let the saga, and Lucius Malfoy, go, and his perspective on his on-screen son's development over the years. A video of Tom on his work in Harry Potter at the museum can be seen here; highlights are below.

"I'm nothing like Draco, so that's what makes the role great fun," [Felton] says. "Also, villains are usually so well-written, they're such strong, defined characters even if they're completely mental and off the hooks."

"I dare not say that Draco is even a pinch on He Who Shall Not Be Named,'' he says. "But I have a lot to thank Ralph for. He certainly helped me learn my villainy. Who better to learn from? He's everything evil in the world."

"Around the fourth film, they really wanted to suave-up the bad guys, which suited me" says Felton. "Other than the fact that suits can get uncomfortable when you're wearing them 24/7, I got the good end of the stick. Better than Weasley with a sort of tea cozy on his head."

Tom briefly talked about his character in the upcoming thriller, The Apparition, out in early 2012, and portraying yet another dubious character.
"He's not a lovely guy, but he's certainly not a villain. He's obsessed with the paranormal and tries to instigate these strange scientific experiments to see what he can find out. He's kind of a geek. I get to wear these great glasses and messed-up hair. It was nice to step out of the evil realm for a second."

"I'm so loath to let go of any of it. I'll talk about it until the sky falls in," says Isaacs of his experience as one of the chief villains of the series. "Next year when there isn't another one or when Daniel (Radcliffe, who plays Harry) gets married, maybe then I'll believe it's over."

"I don't feel I've ever been on a set where there is such a lack of cynicism," he says. "It was just unalloyed pleasure from start to finish."

"From my slightly warped perspective I think Draco is one of the biggest heroes of the story," Isaacs says. "You understood why he turned out to be this monstrous, toxic little pig, and then you watch him shake off the bonds of his childhood and the chains of aggression where he came from."

"It's such a rare privilege to tell complicated stories to such a large audience," he says. "We pontificate about why they're successful. Truth is, nobody can say. They resonate in a fascinating alchemic way."

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