Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Evanna Lynch has joined The Pindippy Flat Whites!!!


The one and only Evanna Lynch had joined the Pindippy Flat Whites.

Here are some cryptic clues to her cousin name. Whoever guesses her name correctly will win a life-times supply of stickers, skittles AND cotton balls dipped in Arcrylic paint:

I should add, I know these make very little sense.

  • Never minus 2 and plus 3
  • Aladin had a genie and a lamp which some mistake for a...
  • Switzerland, Frankenstein, water
  • I'm a ---erous person

There will also be a brand new HOME for the Flat Whites very soon on Pindippy, so stay tuned for Evanna's video and lots of other new stuff VERY soon!

~Taken from: 1http://www.pindippy.com/blog/2011/08/16/guess-who-1 :)

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