Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Making of Harry Potter.

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It has been announced that Evanna Lynch will be on stage at the O2 Arena for 'The Making Of Harry Potter' Event!

Tickets for the Event are available from October 13 2011.
Visit http://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/ for more details!


Credit to Melissa Anelli for the pictures.

Evanna Lynch on being Luna: (from the Leaky Cauldron).
Evanna described briefly how she got the role of being Luna, that she was a "professional fan" rather than a professional actor and had seen the casting call on fan sites (a cheer from the audience at the mention of The Leaky Cauldron!). She described her first moment on set, being overwhelmed that she was standing next to Daniel Radcliffe, but then asking him to step aside so that she could admire the set! She echoed previous statements of how much detail on the set goes unnoticed in the films, especially on props such as the Quibbler. She spoke about the wedding scene set, and that it was uniquely wizardly in that it was like no ordinary wedding. She then performed the Wrackspurt dance and spoke of the inspiration for choreography of that and that it was Rhys Ifans's (Xenophilius Lovegood) idea to add the up and down motion. Although she didn't film there, she also liked the Lovegood house set and the drawings on the wall as it explains why Luna is the way she is. She spoke about Luna's outfits and how she thinks she wouldn't have been able to play Luna properly without the embarrassing outfits as they set her apart because she can't possibly care what she looks like, just like Luna wouldn't. Her favourite outfit was the "Christmas Tree" dress she wore to Slughorn's party, even though she couldn't sit down in it. She also liked the Lion Hat, which was displayed on stage, as it blinked and moved.

Evanna then spoke about how Harry Potter has changed her life, due to the poignant message in the books of the trio coming through the great burdens by having a lot of determination and teamwork, which she said was also given on the film set. Being a latecomer into the filming she had a lot of support from the friends she made during filming.

Lastly, Evanna announced that tickets for the Studio Tour will go on sale on Thursday, 13th October 2011 at wbstudiotour.co.uk . You WILL be required to pre-book tickets to get in to the studio. They will not be selling tickets on site. Evanna joked they have the protective spells surrounding the studios so no one can get there by broom or Thestral without a ticket.
Taken from LeakyCauldron <3


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